In October 5 and 6, the Executive Committee of GayLatino met at its new official headquarters located on Villeta city (Paraguay), from 30 kilometers of the Paraguayan capital.

It was present Simón Cazal (Paraguay), executive secretary, Norman Gutiérrez (Nicaragua), treasurer, Gustavo Valdés (Cuba), and Toni Reis (Brazil) and Jorge Saavedra (Mexico) as vocals. Of the Directive Committee were present Javier Medina (Honduras), Douglas Tejeda (Guatemala), William Hernández (El Salvador) and Carlos García de León (Mexico).

The network developed lines of action to confront homophobia and to contribute to stopping the advancement of the anti-rights movements on the region.

GayLatino also analyzed different mechanism to confront the challenges and answers on discrimination matter and health services access for Latin-gay men between 2019 and 2021.

The network reviewed and updated the 2017-2021 Integral Strategic Plan, achieving a key contribution to maintain and prioritize actions.

In this 2018 we reaffirm our proposal of:

Promoting public policies that guarantee the health services access understood these as promotion, prevention, detection, diagnosis and quality attention, that answer to the specify health and wellness needs of gay men and MSM of the Latin-America and Hispanic Caribbean region, for infections and illness that affect disproportionately, with priority on HIV, viral hepatitis and other STD.

Incidir para que los Estados cumplan las recomendaciones de la ONUSIDA respecto a nuestra población clave de hombres gays latinos.

Influencing on capacities, knowledge and leaderships of young Latin-American gay men boosting movements and youth spaces to influence in a national and regional level to formulate, applicate and monitoring public policies.