Between November 18 and 20, 2017, took place the third meeting of the network in Rosario City (Argentina) in the Health Ministry place.

The activists met to discuss the state of HIV care in the region and the need for community strengthening in the region:

HIV Attention: Activists worked to elaborate proposals to present them on the Global Fund for Fight against HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria because of the necessity of sustainability in front the international context of retreat of this organization in several countries. Thus, the network determined to activate politically for give monitoring to the treatment of people who live with HIV in the whole Latin-America and Caribbean.

Innovations: PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) was also an important point of discussion and the network determined talk to more about combined prevention than only PrEP.

Community: Activists mentioned as proposals down to earth all the important changes on Human Rights and HIV matters, and to speak in easy terms, without fear of talk clearly about pleasure, asses, penises and learn from youngers who currently are on the apps.

Venezuela: The critical situation of Venezuela was an important point of discussion for the activists. The humanitarian crisis in the country is a problem with huge proportions due to the impacts in terms of HIV attention and gay men human rights.

In 2017 the network made different actions:

Gay Latino attended the meeting of LGBT political leaders in the Dominican Republic.

GayLatino expressed its worry in relation with the agenda against human rights during the General Assembly of the American States Organization (OEA) in Mexico.

Activists of GayLatino attended to the Human Rights Conference during the World Pride Summit in Spain.

The GayLatino youth reference group launched their campaign # SexSalud2017 for the Sexual Health World Day. With this initiative youngers of the network looked for make awareness about integral sexual health right.

In september, GayLatino and DIGNIDADE group organized the first training of the Implementation Tool of MSM (MSMIT) with Dr. Rafael Mazin in Curitiba.

GayLatino Brazil also co-organized the seminar “Building above Strategic Actions for the National Platform for Human Rights and LGBTI+ citizenship on the Legislative Agenda” supported by SOMOSGAY in Curitiba, with activities and strategic meetings during the week of lobby for LGBTI+ rights in the National Congress of Brazil, in Brasilia.

GayLatino attended on the third Latin-American Forum about HIV in Haiti, assuming the leadership in a lot of discussions and actions of defense led by the community.

GayLatino Brazil co-organized the 22nd Pride March in Río de Janeiro.

In Argentina the network met and organized joint actions on a regional level with local groups.

GayLatino worked on its Institutional Strategic Plan 2017 and 2021, based on 4 programmatic areas:

Political incidence to increase the national resources;

Supporting to the organizations of key populations to move resources and to work in association;

Supporting to reduce structural barriers for services access; and

Supporting for availability of strategic information.

Moreover, the network was working on a Regional Homophobia Index to present in the coming years.