We are a Latin gays network

Latin gays come together to influence public policies in our countries and to be active regionally for the advancement of human rights, in the care and policies of HIV and other STD that guarantee our right to pleasure.

GayLatino was born in Curitiba (Brazil) in 2015 by hand of 60 activists of countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, United States, Guatemala, México, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Perú and Uruguay.

What is our proposal?

Our network has the proposal to build a helping culture and collective aim to gays men of Latin-America, their families and communities.

We look for to build the regional LGBTI+ movement history, deeping on the plenty guarantee of human rights, including HIV attention and the equal marriage conquest.

Patriarchy, male-chauvinism, racism, and fundamentalisms infringe us as Latin-American gay men in different ways. Human rights such as decent job, education, health, living place, social services, justice, security and others are denied to us, due to the discrimination we are exposed to.

That is why we join forces in a network of activists, not organizations, to enrich ourselves in different perspectives and leaderships, individuals and humans.

Our mission

The GayLatino network promotes and defends freedom, equality and equity, comprehensive access to health and justice, education for the full exercise, free of discrimination and violence, in the human rights of Latino gay men.

Our Vision

Our vision is a Latin-America that respect, protect and celebrate the Latin gay men life.

Values that define us






Our actions

Through these 4 years we have did annual meeting in places such as Curitiba (Brazil), CDMX (México), Rosario (Argentina) and Villeta (Paraguay).

We maintain a strength and fluently communication between activists to discuss about what is happening in the region, to articulate initiatives on an international level, giving and asking support in front of emergency situations.

We make communication campaigns to contribute to the awareness and exercise pressure about HIV themes and human rights related to our population.