Youth Reference Group (YRG)

This initiative is the first thematic and reference group of GayLatino, stablished and approved by the Executive Committee in the middle of June 2017. The YRG is mostly composed by youngers Latin-gay, and other activists related with health defense and human rights in their Latin-America and Caribbean sub regions, based on a strongly support of our members to achieve the goals stablished on our GayLatino 2017 – 2021 Strategic Plan.


The Reference group of GayLatino is composed by 19 youngers leaders in total:

Argentina - Roberto Lucero

Belize - Diego Grajalez

Brazil - Lucas Siqueira

Brazil - Marcio Albino

Colombia - José Salcedo

Colombia - Brayan Rodriguez

Cuba - Arturo Ochoa

Chile - Diego Encalada

Ecuador - Xavier Paspuel

El Salvador - Pedro Rodriguez

Honduras - Nestor Hernandez

Mexico - Rubén Ávila

Mexico - Carlos Ibarra

Mexico - Isidro Añorve

Mexico - David Vázquez

Panamá - Jaime Luna

Paraguay - Adolfo Ruiz

Perú - André Mere

Perú - Jheinser Pacaya


  1. Positioning demands related with health and MSM human rights in a global level.
  2. Giving a forum for a greater collaboration and support to the defenders who works on topics related with MSM health and human rights.
  3. Strengthen the efforts of the existing MSM programming and provide support to these efforts when be appropriate.

4.Supporting and easing a great compromise between MSM networks and youngers defenders on regional and global level.

  1. Supporting associations between youngers and adults, and intergenerational dialogues on a national, regional and global level.
  2. Serving as a primordial point of communication to the YRG members and the GayLatino secretary.

Activities (campaigns, initiatives, activities that we going to develop in theses months)

The YRG advises and coordinates the work of GayLatino in youth, the defense of the autonomy of young Latin gays within the regional and global response to HIV through the development of skills, work in collaborative networks and active participation in decision-making processes, that affect young gays, bisexuals and others.

Some activities already made:

Participation in:

Civil Society Hearing - United Nation Headquarters. New York, 2016

Regional Campaign for the Sexual Health Day, 2017

Regional GayLatino Meeting, Rosario 2017

YRG Strategic Planning, Asunción 2018

Global AIDS Conference, Amsterdam 2018

International Conference about HIV science, Mexico 2109

Youth NOW! Camp, organized by UNFPA LAC, Mexico 2019

Activities to make:

Regional diagnosis of the main needs and perceptions of gay, bisexual and MSM youth about the social and political context.

Participation in the International LGBTI Congress, Curitiba 2019