The fifth meeting of the activists network GayLatino will take place in Curitiba in the frame of the first International LGBTI+ Congress which will take place in November, 13 to 17, in Brazil.

Why we participate in the International LGBTI+ Congress with other organizations?

We believe in the importance of the articulation in networks with other LGBTI+ organizations of the region to monitoring and identify answers to the human rights situation of our populations. We look for join efforts to send, monitor and answer to the LGBTI+ people situation of the whole Latin-America and Caribbean from a perspective of social movements, in association with academia, business, governments and cooperation agencies.

We will discuss and will approach joint strategies for more priority areas of LGBTI+ people form Latin-America and Caribbean:

Human Rights Violation

An important challenge is the lack of statistics about the violence against LGBTI+ people in the region, fact indicated by the International Association of Lesbian, Gays, Bisexuals, Transsexuals and Intersexual (ILGA).

In this meeting we will discuss experiences of confrontation and violence against LGBTI+ people as strategies to institute its criminalization.

Integral Health, included HIV

Gay men and trans women are the mostly affected population by the HIV in the region. About the gay men and MSM, more than the half do not know their serology state and the prophylactic use is low. The stigma and discrimination ban the health access to our key populations. Moreover, countries as Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua and Argentina are out of stock on the antiretroviral medicine providing.


Schools in Latin-America are hostiles environment for LGBTI+ students, with an important violence against LGBTI+ childhood and adolescence. In accordance with a study made between 2015/2016 in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Perú and Uruguay, LGBTI+ students suffer different types of violence and discrimination.

Violence and discrimination lived in the scholar period have consequences in mental health and quality of life of LGBTI+ people for the rest of their lives, that is why we considerate education as a priority for our movement.

Gender Identity

Trans people does not have access to a basic and elemental right as the identity, in the mayor part of the region. Without documents, they are not allowed access to all the everyone else human rights: health, education, living place, dignity work, and more.

Inclusion in the labor market and employability

Especially for trans people, especially women, who are excluded from the world of work. There are still few documentations related to this topic in Latin America and the Caribbean. Even in Brazil, some companies of the LGBT Business and Rights Forum are starting this form of inclusion. We believe that it is necessary to promote the academic qualification of more trans people and promote their inclusion in the labor market.

Association with business and Academy

We look for building dialogue bridges to improve the life conditions of LGBTI+ people. Thus, we propitiate more work opportunities, development, and more knowledge and researching to the plenty exercise of our human rights.