GayLatino was created in the first meeting which took place from December 18 to 20, 2015 in Curitiba (Brazil) with the presence of more than 60 activists from countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, United States, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Perú and Uruguay.

In the first meeting also were present:

Igo Martini, Human Rights and Race Equality advisor from the Curitiba mayor.

Gil Casimiro from Department of Sexually Transmitted Infections, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis from the Brazil Health Ministry.

Jorge Saavedra​, ​global ambassador from AHF.

Javier Arellano​, ​regional advisor from ONUSIDA LAC.

For 3 days, we talk about relevant topics for the Latin-gays human rights activism.

“Situation of the human rights of Latin-gay, bisexual and MSM: Advances and setbacks”, by Javier Arellano, regional advisor from ONUSIDA LAC.

Homophobia and HIV costs in Latin-America, MEGAS report (measurement of AIDS expenditures)” José Antonio Izazola, Head of Division, Evaluation and Economics of ONUSIDA.

“Situation of gay and bisexual men human rights in relation with health access” by Dr. Rafael Mazin of OPS.

“Situation of HIV epidemic in Brazil” by Dr. Gil Casimiro.

“Work experiences on the response to HIV and sexual diversity” Francisco Do Santos, of the Health Secretary of Paraná State, Andrey Lemos of UNA LGBT Brazil, Igo Martin, Jorge Saavedra and Javier Arellano.

“Gay activist’s experiences on political parties of the region and the world. Where we come from, what we did, where are we going?” by Esteban Paulón, vice-president of Argentinian LGBT Federation (FALGBT), Pablo Fracchia OF National Human Rights direction of Argentinian Security Ministry, Andrés Scagliola of Montevideo municipality, Gustavo Pecoraro, communicator and independent activist, and Andrey Lemos.

“Good practices of Governance in Gays organizations of civil society” Rubén Mayorga, principal advisor in Governance of Geneva ONUSIDA.

“What are we here for and why is a network of gay men needed in Latin-America?” by Simon Cazal, Carlos García De León of MSMGF (Mexico) and Jorge Saavedra.

“Presentation of successful experiences in communitarian level to network building. Successful experience in Curitiba: ‘A Hora É Agora’” with the participation of Dr. Raquel Miranda of CDC Brazil, Beto De Jesúsde ILGA Worldy and Esteban Paulón.

“Masculinities background: diversity and multiculturalism” by André Mere and Ronald Céspedes.

“An affective conception of activism” by Gustavo Pecoraro.

“The regional response in front HIV, 90-90-90 goals and regional challenges” by Javier Arellano.

“Global Fund and gay men in the region” by Sergio López and Jorge Saavedra, both delegates from the Caribbean and Latin-America to the Global Fund Board.