This committee is made up of experts in different areas, from the academic sector, public administration or other sectors, in order to advise and strategically guide the Steering Committee and its Executive Committee. The members of the Advisory Committee act individually. The main functions and approaches of the Advisory Council include: Advising GayLatino on ways to improve ties with allies and other cooperation mechanisms; Ensure the efficient and effective use of the resources available to the network; Address issues of relevance to the response and effectiveness of GayLatino's actions; Ensure that the network guidelines are adhered to, for accountability purposes; Review strategies to ensure the most effective work of GayLatino. To ensure that the actions of the network are guided with a community approach, the Advisory Committee will also serve as the direct link to networks and other more diverse think tanks.


Can become partners all those leading activists, experts trained and experienced in the subject matter of the network, self-identified as cisgender men and self-identified as gay living in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as Latin Americans who may be members of GayLatino they reside in other parts of the world and they identify themselves as Latino and gay; that are over 18 years old, that match and support the objectives of the network and that meet the following conditions:

  • Be interested in the mission and objectives of the Association;
  • Accept the Statutes, Internal Bylaws and formalize their registration according to the procedures provided therein;
  • Have ethics, political, cultural or scientific leadership and with experiences in the working strategies of the Association;
  • Have effective skills for preparation, monitoring and reporting;
  • Have computer skills, email management and regular participation in social networks;
  • Have easy and regular access to the Internet;
  • Have demonstrable experience and leadership in the field of HIV, gender, human rights and / or LGBT issues in the region;
  • Have the capacity and dynamism to work with a diverse group of people;
  • Having the possibility of working strategically in groups;
  • Have diplomacy skills;
  • Having some comfort with public speaking; and
  • Have demonstrable experience in national, regional and international forums.

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