CDMX 2016

In November 3 and 4, 2016 took place the Second Regional Meeting of GayLatino in CDMX, while the General Assembly was celebrated in November 4 and 5.

More than 100 gay Latino activists from across the region were present with representatives from UNIDA, UNFPA Mexico and CONAPRED (Mexico).

The topics treated on the meeting were:

Equal marriage: what can we learn about the experiences of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay?” By Esteban Paulón, vice president of the Argentine LGBT Federation and undersecretary of Sexual Diversity Policies, Government of Santa Fe (Argentina), Andrés Scagliola, coordinator of the Secretariat of Diversity of the municipality of Montevideo (Uruguay) and Toni Reis, secretary of Education GLBT and executive director of the Dignidade Group, Curitiba (Brazil).

"The rebirth of conservatism, the churches in the region and their impact on LGBT rights", by Jorge Pacheco, general director of Colombian League against AIDS, Pablo Fracchia, DG Justice Access of Public Ministry (Argentina) and vice-president of Argentine Red Cross and Ricardo Hernández Forcada, head of Sexual Health, Sexuality and HIV of National Commission of Human Rights (Mexico). With Jorge Saavedra (Mexico) as moderator and rap of William Hernandez (El Salvador).

“Homophobia and its economic and financial costs, barriers to services”. By José Antonio Izazola, head of Evaluation and Economy of ONUSIDA (Mexico) and Rafal Mazín, education, sexual health and LGBT right activist (Mexico). With Jaime Parada, the first openly gay Chilean politician, as moderator, and rapporteur for William Hernández (El Salvador).

“Get out of the closet: Personal, social and political costs”. By Benjamín Medrano, federal deputy (Mexico), Felipe Nájera, Work Secretary of National Actors Association (Mexico), Alfonso Suárez Del Real, deputy of VII Legislature (Mexico), Jaime Parada, councilor for Providencia (Chile). With Edgar Medina LGBT human rights defender (Honduras) as moderator and rapporteur for Giovanni Piermattei, head of AC Egalitarian Venezuela.

“Stigma: is it for having HIV or being man who have sex with other man?” With Oswaldo Rada, regional speaker of MSACV (Colombia), William Hernández, executive director of the Between Friends Association and founder member of Central America REDIVERSA (El Salvador), Gustavo Pecoraro, journalist, writer, poetry and independent gay activist (Argentina), Charlie Dos Veces López (Carlos López López), sociologist, LGBTI Affairs consultant of Conapred and blogger (Mexico). With Antonio Bertrán, journalist (Mexico) as moderator and rapporteur for Jaime Parada (Chile).

“Intersectionalities and synergies”. With Amaranta Gómez Regalado, social anthropologist and Muxe activist of trans, natives and HIV rights (Mexico), Ronald Céspedes, executive advisor of GayLatino and gay activist (Bolivia), Isaí Vela Cox, gay activist with jobs about mayan men who have sex with men (Guatemala).

International Agencies. Are they really interested and are they sensitives in relation with gay issue? With Erika Castellanos, trans and HIV activist, LAC representative on the Directors Board of ONUSIDA (Belize), Simón Cazal, general secretary of GayLatino, president and founder of SOMOSGAY and representative of LAC NGO in front Directors Board of ONUSIDA (Paraguay), Giovanni Piermattei, activist and head of AC Egalitarian Venezuela. With the gay activist and general coordinator of Ecuadorian Equity Foundation Efraín Soria as moderator (Ecuador).

Is there an impact of Global Fund projects on gay men and men who have sex with other men? With Gustavo A. A. Valdes Pi, head of HIV prevention on MSM and member of the Organizing Committee of Cuban Days against Homophobia (Cuba), Efraín Soria, gay activist (Ecuador), Norman Gutiérrez, sociologist and executive director of the Center for Education and Prevention of HIV (CEPRESI) and member of the first sexual diversity movement in Nicaragua. With Javier Arellano as moderator, coordinator of UNFPA ONUSIDA group (Mexico) and rapporteur of Edgardo Medina, LGBT Human Rights defender in Honduras.

“PrEP, the final of HIV epidemic for all gay men? With Ricardo Baruch, activist and researcher of LGBTI affairs, HIV and Public Health (Mexico), Jerome Gelea, visitant researcher of the Medicine School of Harvard (EE. UU), Ricardo Hernández Forcada, head of Health, Sexuality and HIV of the National Commission of Human Rights (Mexico). With Anuar Luna as moderator, independent consultant on Health Policy Initiative and coordinator on the Regional Platform LAC of the Global Fund for Fight against HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria and rapporteur of Oswaldo Rada (Colombia).

“Should we promote the existence of more openly-gay-politicians?” with Esteban Paulón (Argentina), Jaime Parada (Chile) and Jaime López Vela, constituent deputy of Mexico City. Carlos García de León Moreno, gay activist/ICASO/Global Forum of MSM/ Ave of Mexico, as moderator and rapporteur of Alex Vega, teacher of Social Work and Counseling of Belize University.

“Sports and Homophobia. Why there seem go by hand?” With Iván Lara, Sports Coordinator of DIDESEX AC (Méexico), Rocío Lancaster from the Visitants Office for Guadalajara Conventions (Mexico), Rafael Villanueva, representative on Mexico of the International Gay and Lesbian Football Association (IGLFA). With Genaro Lozano, writer, activist and journalist (Mexico) as moderator and rapporteur of Edgar Márquez, head of Sexual Diversity attention and government secretary of Morelos State (Mexico).

“Why we should include young gay men on HIV policies?” With Diego Grajales, LGBT and people who live with HIV activist (Belize), Jaime Luna, representative of Global Network of Young people with HIV, of REDCA, and Board Co-Chair of GNP+ (Panamá), Adolfo Ruiz, young coordinator in SOMOSGAY, representative of gays and other MSM in MCP Paraguay. With Pablo Fracchia (Argentina) as moderator and rapporteur of Jorge Pacheco (Colombia).

“Homophobia and its health, social and labor impact” With Javier Arellano (Mexico), Francisco Robledo, Alliance for Diversity (Mexico), Edgardo Medina, LGBT Human Rights defender in Honduras.

“Bareback, chemsex and sexual health challenges” With Alex Vega (Belize), Carlos García de León Moreno (Mexico), Gustavo Pecoraro (Argentina), André Meré (Perú). Oswaldo Rada (Colombia) as moderator and rapporteur of Pablo Alemán president of Repavih (Mexico).